Cats Love San Antonio (Natural Bridge Caverns)

This year’s class of thru-hikers are either in their last weeks of planning before they take off or have been on the trail for weeks already. I am not a jealous person but this is torturing me. Especially now that I have almost all my gear. I could be out there right now. I’ve never felt such longing. Oh, I’ve wanted things before but that has always entailed getting it or giving up and moving on. Longing is something entirely new to me. I stay sane by telling myself that next year will get here when it gets here and I need to stop worrying about it. The point of quitting my job was to spend time with my guys so that’s what I’m doing.

After realizing that the three of us have NEVER been on a vacation together that didn’t involve hiking or camping, we planned a trip to San Antonio for the weekend to kick-start Spring Break. We only cheated a little by going to Natural Bridge Caverns. They have something for everyone. You can stroll along a self guided tour at your own pace, go on a guided tour with lots of steps to see delicate formations, or get lowered down by rope through one of the original entryways and crawl/climb to explore less frequently visited areas. It was a perfect way to see some incredible nature while staying out of the rain.

The rest of the time was spent being good little tourists in town and lounging around the hotel room. We stuffed ourselves at Mi Tierra Cafe Y Panaderia in the culture-rich Market Square (El Mercado) before buying some cool Día de los Muertos framed prints and a Frida Kahlo bag for our umbrellas… told you we were touristy! We ditched the shopping after realizing the rain wasn’t going to let up… and to get me away from all the people.

There’s some rule that you have to see the Alamo at some point so we swung by the next day and took the obligatory photo. We, also, went to the Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Odditorium and the Louis Tussaud’s Waxworks. It was a lot of fun.

I learned several things on this trip. Cave formations are called speleothems… it is really hard to take pictures inside a cave… wax sculptures are kinda creepy… sometimes it’s nice to stay on the beaten path… I snap at people when I have to pee really bad… and most importantly:

I don’t want to be anywhere but here.

I am grateful to have one more experience I can store in my memory bank for when I’m missing my family on the trail next year. :)


2 thoughts on “Cats Love San Antonio (Natural Bridge Caverns)

  1. Great pics and you are right; you don’t want to be anywhere but there. Next year will come in its own good time and you’ll have plenty of great things to do for the rest of the year. I’m going this year because I’m simply getting older and each year matters more when you are 61!


    • Thanks and I’m glad you liked the pics. Ya know, I was reading one of your posts the other day and thinking how lucky we are to have spouses that fully support our crazy dream. Some people aren’t as lucky as us!


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