Our First Anniversary

We went back to Bastrop State Park for our 1st anniversary. (Click here for pictures from the wedding!) We rented a cabin and had some super relaxing times.

Best. Anniversary. Ever.

My favorite part was that without planning it at all, we got each other antique gifts! We also both incorporated our vows into our gifts. How funny is that? We rationalized that because the place we got married at was built during the 1930s, we subconsciously had the era stuck in our brain pans. All that was missing was some jazz and swing. It’s interesting to think that all of this really neat stuff came out of the Great Depression.

We decided our tradition will be to give two gifts each year. One will be something in the realm of romantic/sweet/sexy and the other will simply be something we think the other person will think is awesome. It could not have worked out better.

I got him an antique Underwood Standard No. 5 typewriter with an old joke book (the first two chapters are law jokes). I thought he could use the typerwriter to write me a love letter for next year. To tie in the typewriter theme, I took photos from our wedding and put our vows and our wedding song onto them in typewriter font and framed it. The bottom of the frame has trinkets we saved from the wedding: ring toss rope, fortune teller fish, bean bag, tag from the s’mores favors, etc.


Underwood Standard No. 5 Typewriter


Smitty, the only person within 50 miles I know that can fix a typewriter.

Wit and Humor

Wit and Humor

Wedding stuff framed.

Pictures, vows, and carnival leftovers.

Carnival keepsakes

Save the date card, key to the prize box, personalized crossword…

He got me an antique Agfa folding camera with the case and …. he hand wrote me a love letter! Talk about being meant for each other.

Agfa folding camera

Agfa folding camera.

Agfa Side

I married this dude!

We also went to a roadside restaurant, drove around town, ate a decadent amount of cake balls, and found the location where they filmed the gas station from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre:

Of course, we went for a hike too:


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