Cats Don’t Go To Weddings (Bastrop SP)

My first wedding anniversary is a month from today! We got married at Bastrop State Park last year in a carnival themed wedding. Why? Because we could! I’m not sure if those things go together but we made it happen. Campfires and carnival games? Don’t mind if I do!

The cats were, unfortunately, not invited. Pets are not allowed inside Texas State Park buildings. Usually, I think this is silly but in this case I totally understand. The refectory we were married at and the cabin we stayed in for our mini-honeymoon were built by the Civilian Conservation Corp in the 1930’s. They are absolutely stunning – a cat scratching fantasy come true. When I look at them, I imagine what it took to build them. I imagine carrying and placing every stone and beam. Very cool. The CCC was a national work program active from 1933 to 1942 as a part of Roosevelt’s New Deal. They employed young men that were having a hard time finding jobs during the Great Depression AND they conserved the crap out of a bunch of nature by planting nearly 3 billion trees! Bastrop was devastated by a serious wildfire in 2011 but thanks to some super amazing firefighters the CCC buildings were saved. That is a big deal considering 96% of the park was affected. They’ve already reopened most (maybe all?) of what was closed since then.

When we were venue hunting for the wedding, we went for a hike there in 2012. The contrast of bright green foliage coming up under trees still covered in black soot was both beautiful and sad. It’s possible I had a Bob Ross moment. It was one of the reasons why I chose the place. Life and death together, fresh starts for everyone, and making a new simpler life after some crazy times.

We have decided to spend our first anniversary back at Bastrop. We’ve reserved a cabin for a three-day weekend of reliving our wedding minus a ton of friends and family … no offense. :)



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