Cats Love 2014

New Year's Eve 2013

Sparklers, check! Sparkling grape juice, check! Grass, check! The cats are ready for 2014.

I’m always late to the party. It’s so disappointing to find out that the great new band I just discovered has already broken up. By the time I get excited to go see a movie it’s no longer in theaters. Story of my life. Lately, I’ve been engrossing myself in trail journals of hikers that have already finished their hikes. Don’t get me wrong, they’re still a fantastic read but there’s something different about reading a trail journal as it happens. It’s another one of the upsides to my start date being so far away. It makes me feel like Bastian in The Neverending Story. Trail angels turn into luck dragons in my mind. A side effect of working with my best friend at a video store for two years out of high school. A combined ten free rentals a week ended up giving me an annoying ability to compare just about every part of my life to a movie. With any luck my imagination in longing for trail life won’t be built up so much that it ends up being a little disappointing. The reality of it is there and I see it but I’m choosing to be hopeful regardless. Someone told me once that every time I told him a story about something that had happened to me, it was better than any book he’d ever read or any movie he’d ever seen. If I remember correctly, he was drunk. I also disagree. I am constantly let down by my self-imposed high expectations. I have fun. I appreciate the things I have. It’s just that my imagination knows things could always be better somehow… and no thanks to four years at the Harris County Medical Examiner’s Office, my imagination also knows things could always be way worse. Hypothetical scenarios are hard to tear myself away from. I love sentences that start with “What if…” even if they end in “…that guy fell off his house and landed on that chainsaw?!”

2013, in no particular order: quit smoking, married a handsome man at a state park in a carnival themed wedding, started smoking, decided to hike the Appalachian Trail, quit smoking, watched my husband graduate from law school, lost 20 lbs but gained a love of food through Paleo cooking (too bad I didn’t do that BEFORE the wedding), started smoking, got bit by my first tick, stole a dog, lost an old friend with a beautiful soul, crossed 5 Texas State Parks off my list of places to hike, saw a decapitated body, watched my son leave junior high and enter high school (scary!), got bit by my second tick, rescued an injured cat and gave him to a good home, went backpacking by myself for the first time, had all four wisdom teeth out with just local anesthesia, quit my job at the morgue to follow my dreams, moved into a house not infested with termites, and found out my cat and best friend has severe heart and probably lung disease.

Here’s to hoping your 2014 is better than any book you’ve ever read or any movie you’ve ever seen.


4 thoughts on “Cats Love 2014

  1. Just wanted to say hello and thanks for following my little blog. Seems we have a lot in common (a cat we regret leaving behind, some Texas backpacking experience, paleo eating). And you’re a year out from your thru-hike, where I was at this time last year. It’s hard to wait through the year, but it also makes intentional living a little easier when you’ve got such a big thing waiting for you. Best wishes!


    • Thanks! I’m enjoying your blog so far. I am struggling with whether to attempt a Paleo hike or not. On one hand, it would take lots of planning and probably require a crazy amount of maildrops. On the other hand, I have a year to at least TRY to figure it out so I feel like I should at least think it over. Any ideas on how to do it without being a total foodie drama queen?


      • Well, I’ve decided not to try hiking 100% paleo. I don’t want to be too tied to mail drop locations and relying on pre-dehydrating ALL my food for six months. That said, I’ll be as paleo as I can. We are dehydrating lots of stuff for some mail drops, but won’t rely on them exclusively. I’ve read that your body is better able to handle the sugar and starch from non-paleo food when you’re exercising a lot. And I’m eating super clean ahead of time to go into it with a healthy a gut as I can. We’ll see how it goes!


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