Palmetto State Park

We are all moved in to the new house! Now I have no excuses not to blog.

We went on an overnight trip to Palmetto State Park last weekend. We brought a friend who had never camped before so we decided not to make him hike-in on his first trip. We reserved a water only site for some easy car camping. We spent the day on the lake in a paddle boat that seemed to go slower the faster you peddled. It was fun but I think I prefer canoes. Then we decided to relax in the San Marcos River for a bit. I threw a chair in the river and let all my worries float downstream. I’m always in hike hike hike mode but everyone seemed to be having a good time so I didn’t push it. All that sun had me starving! Unfortunately, we didn’t realize there was a burn ban. Usually it’s posted on the park website … or it had JUST been put into effect… but they were nice enough to let us use our firewood for cooking. Which was a good thing because we had packed silver turtles to cook in the coals. Sitting by the campfire is absolutely one of my favorite things in the ‘verse and I was a little let down that our friend wouldn’t get the full experience. We did, however, get a chance to make some s’mores! I’m not sure why this warrants a video but IT DOES! We got a couple of Light My Fire Grandpa’s Fire Forks as wedding gifts and they are fantastic. They are small and clamp on the end of a stick … and totally made for weirdos like me who can’t stop imagining a raccoon peeing on her marshmallow stick.

There are only five bees in that picture of the Jet Boil. Trust me when I say there were more than five. The other ones were too busy trying to murder everyone in their faces that they didn’t have time to stop and pose for a group shot.

In the morning, coffee was cancelled on account of bees. With everyone in a less than stellar mood, I didn’t want to push the hiking topic again but I was secretly devastated. I’d been looking forward to it for a while. I think the little taste I got of solo camping on my trip to The Big Thicket National Preserve has spoiled me. When you’re on a tight time schedule and reliant on a car to get four people where they’re going, the needs of the many definitely prevail. There is no “hike your own hike” when three of your party of four are upset about being chased by bees.


Guess I’ll just have to go back by myself on Monday!




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