Sea Rim State Park and 30 Days of Paleo…

I’ve been really distracted lately. Our lease is up in less than a month and we haven’t found a new place yet, one of our cars died, my filling that came out came out again, I stole a dog, and my cat is sick. The worst part is probably that I’m over the initial spontaneous freedom that comes with flying your kid across the country and have settled nicely into an aching depression that promises to linger until he comes back before school starts. It’s like that seasonal disorder people get in winter but it’s my summertime kidless blues. Happens every year. Plus, I’m tired of taking the trash out myself. I decided to cheer up with a day trip to Sea Rim State Park last Sunday.

This was my first visit here so I’m not sure what it was like before Hurricane Ike. There are no facilities that I could see and there is a self pay station. It does look like they are in the middle of building some amenities, though. The boardwalk through the marsh is still intact and is short but nice. I wish I knew something about birds so I could name them since there was a lot of them. I’m pretty sure there were red-winged blackbirds, herrings, and flamingos…. unless there are giant pink birds that are NOT flamingos. I was disappointed to see gator tracks but no gators. I think if I was there closer to dawn or dusk I would’ve had better luck. I <3 gators. Seaweed lined the shore and shells were slim pickin’s but I’ve lived along the Gulf Coast my whole life so it doesn’t really bother me.

After my short walk through the marsh, I drove out to the beach, set up a towel, and ate my lunch looking out at the water. Which brings me to yet another stress factor: FOOD! I am on day 13 of 30 on a Paleo Whole30 diet. I feel pretty dang good about it. The short version is that I eat three meals a day of meats, veggies, fruits, and healthy fats; I do not eat sugar, grains, dairy, soy, corn, potatoes, and legumes. That’s it. No calorie counting. No eating something I think is gross. No pills. No supplements. I eat things I think are delicious and I eat until I’m full. Simple…. until you get your wisdom teeth out and everyone tells  you to eat ice cream and yogurt and jello and mashed potatoes. So I waited until after the tooth extractions.

Packing a lunch bag for a day trip was easy. The trouble started as I sat on the beach eating, relaxing, and downright feeling good and smug about myself and my healthy new diet until I thought, “What if I was spending the night?” … which led to, “What if I was spending several nights?” … and, “What if I was hiking in?” …. and then, of course, “What am I gonna do on the freakin’ AT?!” I can’t carry around that much food on my back. Meat is heavy. Vegetables are heavy. Fruits are heavy. I won’t be able to carry that much water weight. Not to mention the fact that I’d be needing more calories than normal to be able to hike decent miles every day. OH, and the prep time! I spend a lot of time washing, peeling, and chopping. This is something I’m going to have to do some research on. I’ve seen a few articles on Paleo meals for camping but nothing on hiking.

Do the best I can with what I’ve got?

Buy a dehydrator and start now? :P

Live off jerky and tuna?

Go hyper-light and carry more food?

What would you do?

***We found a place to live! Woo!***


4 thoughts on “Sea Rim State Park and 30 Days of Paleo…

    • I don’t really want to get into the details so let’s just say it was the good kind of stealing. Like when someone steals your heart … steals your breath away … offers deals and steals on home appliances … or …. I steal an unhealthy and neglected/abused animal from an angry owner. I don’t suppose it’s really stealing if they didn’t want it.


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